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Web application firewall

HFN’s web application firewall protects your applications from malicious attacks designed to compromise web servers. Built on our powerful edge cloud platform, it protects against injection attacks, cross site scripting, HTTP protocol violations, and more. Our WAF is continuously updated to address ongoing threats using multiple rulesets. Rules can be configured in real time via our API, and can run in active blocking mode or passive logging mode only.

DDoS mitigation

HFN’s high-bandwidth, globally distributed network is built to absorb DDoS attacks. Our entire network acts as a DDoS scrubbing center, so you don’t sacrifice performance for protection. We protect against highly disruptive attacks across our infrastructure and through optimized software. We allow you to respond in real time, filtering malicious requests at the network edge before they get near your origin.

Bot detection & mitigation

HFN has partnered with PerimeterX to offer predictive, behavior-based bot detection and mitigation at the network edge, which strengthens protections for your websites, mobile apps, and APIs. We help prevent account takeover, scraping, digital fraud, and complex application-layer attacks. Our joint offering protects both cached and origin content, defending against bot abuse without impacting performance. This solution is easy to install, and can be up and running in a matter of hours.

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